Gorgeous Butterfly: Young Nobunaga

Gorgeous Butterfly: Young Nobunaga

The first review I am writing seems to be about the Sengoku Periods unifier Oda Nobunaga. The reason I chose this Anime to be my “first”, is simply that I watched it all in one go yesterday, and it left quite the impression on me.

This honestly is the first time I am writing a review for… really anything… so I am probably going to adjust my style and polish it from here on out, so bear with me for the first few times.^^

I thought about starting my reviews with a quote from the Anime I am reviewing, a short summary, and then dividing the whole thing into four parts: Story, Characters, Visuals and Music, giving each of these parts up to ten flowers.. at least for now (I’m gonna think about something awesome to rate^^). …This introductory part has gotten longer than expected, so lets jump right into the review.^^’

“We trained hard. Day and night.”


To no one’s surprise, this Anime is set in the Sengoku Era in Japan and centers around the well known Oda Nobunaga in his younger years, up until his famous fight of Okehazama at the age of 27, as well as his companions.

Title: Gorgeous Butterfly: Young Nobunaga
Japanese: 胡蝶奇 ~若き信長~ (Kochouki ~Wakaki Nobunaga~)
Studio: Studio Deen
Genre: Action, Historical, Drama, Samurai
Episodes: 12
Season: Summer 2019

Let’s start with the story. I don’t know how the events during his lifetime went down, but from what I know and researched up until now, this Anime does a great job reflecting on Nobunaga’s life, and how he came to be the person he is later known for. There, of course, are some things that simply couldn’t happen, but then again, this is an Anime.

A thing that I personally found interesting, is that they mixed some of the names around, so that, for example, Oda Nobukatsu is not Oda Nobunaga’s son, but rather his little brother. As I said, I found that quite amusing, but some others apperantly didn’t. For me Kochouki ~Wakaki Nobunaga~ represents one of, if not the most faithful adaption of his life, without spacy elements like Nobunaga the Fool had, or a gender swap like in Oda Nobunaga no Yabou.

To sum the Story up: It gets 7.5 out of 10 flowers! For me personally, there were still some things that didn’t fit, like the switching of characters, or the pace of some episodes, especially the last one felt rushed. But nonetheless, it is an undeniably great story. If I hadn’t known of the switching, this would probably have gotten 9 flowers. So, if you are just here for the story and don’t care about the other stuff, then definitely go ahead and give this a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Next up are the characters! The most important characters are these four. Oda Nobunaga, Ikeda Tsuneoki, Oda Nobukatsu, and Saitou Kichou. Of course, there were a lot more characters, especially since a lot of people were involved in the intrigues and betrayals of Nobunaga’s time.

These four main characters definitely get their attention to detail and character depth. Their actions and decisions are understandable and you can, at some level relate to them. What I think is kind of sad, is that these four probably got a little too much attention and some other characters who deserved some more development didn’t. Not only that, almost at the end of the series, they introduced a whole new squat, from which, at least I, didn’t recognize about half of. That kind of irritated me.

But leaving the character development aside, they are all believable personalities, acting according to their own believes and motives. That partially makes up for the flaws mentioned above.

Wrapping the characters up, I would give them 7 out of 10 flowers. I wrote my reasons above, but if I were to give a solid reason: I would say that, except for the main characters, the development was a little bit… I don’t know… shallow? But this too was not so bad that I would go below 7!

Moving on to the visuals, there is nothing much to say. At least for me. I am not someone who can really differentiate between bad and mediocre animation or something. Of course, Violet Evergarden and Attack on Titan are on a completely different scale than.. let’s say Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest (Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou). But other than that… I don’t know, probably it just doesn’t make much of a difference to me. But I will give my best for the sake of this Blog!

Comparing to other Anime I have seen, I can at least say, that the animation is above average. I really enjoyed watching the fighting scenes. They looked smooth and clean, but… that is not everything to visuals, right?

The character design is important as well. That said, whether you like a specific design or not, highly depends on one’s own taste, and can not really be viewed objectively. In my opinion though, the design was exceedingly well done. I liked it a lot, mostly because all the main characters had a smooth design, which, as you can already guess, I like^^

The overall visuals rating gets a clear 8 out of 10 flowers for me!

Last but not least: Music! Music is something very important to me. I think that music can make an Anime stand or fall. But not only the openings and endings, the music that plays during fighting scenes, or other important parts of the story can decide the fate of an Anime. At least that is how it is for me.

But, here as well, everything is up to taste (actually, that is how it is for everything, I don’t know why I’m even saying this xD). I have to say, this Anime did it extremely well. I love the opening and the ending as well, and I can’t really remember a moment when the music in this piece felt out of place! (That said, I mostly drop an Anime if I feel that the music is off. But hey, here I am writing this review after I watched it all in one go :D)

To sum it up: It’s certainly not something as special as Violet Evergarden or Clannad not to mention Your Lie in April, but it is nice to listen to, earning it a score of 7.5 out of 10 flowers!

There we go! We have got all our scores!
Story: 7.5
Characters: 7
Visuals: 8
Music: 7.5

To conclude this review, I would like to give Gorgeous Butterfly: Young Nobunaga an overall rating of 7.5 flowers! In my opinion, this Anime has done right a lot which also reflects in my score! I would definitely recommend this Anime to everyone, especially those who have a knack for Samurai/Japan’s history, as this is easily the best Oda Nobunaga adaption I have seen so far!

Thank you for reading. I hope you found this review helpful! If not, please leave a comment, and tell me what you would like me to do better the next time around.^^


“I was forgetting the most important thing…”

— Oda Nobunaga

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