Musaigen no Phantom World

Myriad Colors Phantom World

Today’s Anime is Musaigen no Phantom World, also known as Myriad Colors Phantom World! I watched the first episode of this a few years ago, probably when it aired, but at that time, I didn’t think it was any good and dropped it right away, which now, I think was a mistake I do… well to be honest, quite often.^^ When I recently looked through my undeniably favorite studios’ portfolio, I discovered this little piece of work and thought about giving it another try.^^

“How useless can you get?!”

— Kawakami Mai

Phantoms: Species such as Youkai or Ghosts, were thought to be fiction until one event turned everything upside down. Due to a virus that affects the human brain’s perception, suddenly normal humans were allowed to see these species, that lived alongside humanity all this time.

But that is not all. This ominous virus also largely affected the next generation, by developing special abilities, to fight against malicious Phantoms! In this world where the line between surreal and real things blurs, the story follows our protagonist Ichijou Haruhiko and his friends, as they do their best to handle the everyday troubles caused by Phantoms!

Title: Myriad Colors Phantom World
Japanese: 無彩限のファントム・ワールド (Musaigen No Fuantomu Waarudo)
Studio: Kyoto Animation
Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Episodes: 13
Broadcasted: Winter 2016


Okay. This might somewhat be a letdown, but don’t expect any grand scheme, or a carefully crafted story, because this Anime has got nothing like that. It’s a rather generic story with a lot (!) of fan service in it(I would say for Kyoto Animation standards). It’s a very straight forward, linear, episodic Anime with the same setup every episode. First, we get an explanation, and then the episode is going to be about a phantom, that is in some way related to that explanation.

To be honest, I didn’t expect a lot when I got into this, because of my experience when I watched the first episode a while back. But hey, it says Slice of Life right?^^ I just think it is sad that at least the story, turned out to be as I expected. Not that good. But there is something good to this episodic style, to which I will get back later!

There is nothing much more to talk about I think, so… let’s give this one a score of… 6 flowers!



I think a point they did make good, are the Characters. To get back to the episodic nature of this Anime (Better sooner than later^^), it used this opportunity and dedicated a whole episode to each of the main Characters seen above. This is one of this Anime’s strong points. Everyone was thought out pretty well, with a decent story behind all of them.

Every cast in this Anime had it’s own special ability, making each of them unique in their way. In this one too, the Characters were understandable and well developed. Although there is a point that I don’t like to be honest. Be aware, Ruru is a really annoying Character…

But seeing it as it is (rather good than bad^^) I would give the Character section a score of 8 out of 10 flowers.



Okay, let’s talk about animation. There is not much to say to be honest. This Anime is from Powerhouse KyoAni, so obviously, this Anime has some high-level animation.

The same goes for the Character design, which is, in any way you look at it, KyoAni’s Character design. All the monsters were nice, and all in all the design of almost everything was really good! Well, whether this is good or not greatly depends on taste, but I love it. KyoAni is not my favorite studio for nothing^^

No, really there isn’t anything more I’ve got to say except for… 10/10 Flowers!



The Music in this one is rather difficult. I wasn’t quite fond of the Opening Theme, and the Ending was meh… The Music that played throughout the Anime was, as far as I remember, acceptable, but all in all, I am actually disappointed. I expected more from KyoAni in this department. I mean every other Anime from their studio has some amazing soundtrack, and I think Musaigen No Phantom World lacks in that department…6/10!


Final Rating

We’ve got our scores:

Story: 6
Characters: 8
Visuals: 10
Music: 6

As I told you before, I am going to give a Final Rating, that is somewhat unrelated to the parts mentioned above. The Rating I give this Anime is… 7/10! This might sound like a solid number, BUT keeping in mind that my darling Kyoto Animation created this and I would say almost every KyoAni Anime has at least a score of 8.5 on my list, this Rating is rather disappointing, which I really don’t even like to say.

I never thought that my first review of an Anime from my favorite studio would look like this.^^’ But that’s how it goes…


Would I recommend this Anime? Good question. Hard-Core KyoAni fans will have already seen this, and I think a lot of other fans as well, so this is directed at someone who is rather new Anime at all. I would say, it is worth a watch, but there are series which are a lot better like for example Violet Evergarden, Clannad, Air, Nichijou, Hell Lucky Star even (By the way Lucky Star is one of my favorites^^).

So if you are thinking about diving into the Anime scene, than I would recommend you watch something else first, and then come back to this one later on. So then thank you for reading, and I just realized… this review is a lot shorter than the other ones, but oh well.^^’


“See how good we are now?”

— Kawakami Mai

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